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Excel Data SheetThe Resonance Test Gauge [RTG-1] system is typically used to measure the dynamic Young’s modulus (E), shear modulus (G) and Poisson’s ratio (ν) of asphalt, concrete, rock, masonry, carbon and other cylinder, beam, and core-shaped specimens. This system meets the ASTM C215 standard for resonance testing of concrete for dynamic properties and freeze-thaw durability testing (ASTM C666). A sample spreadsheet [+] for all moduli calculations for longitudinal, flexural and torsional tests is included in this package.


The RTG-1 system must be used with a Windows 7-10 device running Olson Instruments' RTG software. The computer or tablet is supplied by the user.


Hands-on training classes are available for all of our NDT test method systems and platforms is available at our Wheat Ridge, Colorado (USA) location, which is a suburb located approximately 15 minutes northwest of downtown Denver. Training may be available at your location by one of our agents by special arrangement.


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Testing a Rock CoreScroll down for a list of Features & Specifications.

NOTE: Resonance testing is available as an add-on for the NDE 360 platform.

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Materials Tested:
  • Asphalt
  • Carbon & Graphite
  • Ceramics
  • Concrete
  • Masonry
  • Stone
  • Rock
Test For:
  • Poisson’s ratio
  • Shear Modulus
  • Young’s Modulus
ASTM Standards:
  • C215
  • C666

Key Features

Accurate results in seconds! Olson's RTG software for data acquisition and analysis
Learning curve: less than 10 minutes Switch between English and Metric units
Quick & Easy Set Up: uses sponge rubber mat instead of metal test frame (per ASTM C215) Full user selection of gains and units
Real-time waveform display while testing Receiver: 1 accelerometer, 10 mV/g
Automatic file naming feature USB powered RTG device with built-in phone plug and BNC connection
Automatic frequency calculation Impact Source: 2 oz. ballpeen hammer


Sampling Rate: 45,455 samples/second Accelerometer Flat Frequency Response Measurement Range: 20,000 Hz
Number of Samples Acquired Per Test: 1024 samples Nyquist Frequency: 22,727 Hz
Frequency Resolution: 44.39 Hz ASTM C215 Minimum Required Frequency: 20,000 Hz

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