Impact Solenoids

These high quality impact solenoids are utilized in many different applications by our customers around the world. Our solenoids have been employed in the testing of turbines and generators and have been used in assembly equipment and robots manufactured in Europe and Canada. We can ship worldwide and we are able to ship a range of quantities. We are committed to quality: we test the product performance of each impact solenoid and we only use UL recognized components.

Once designed, we model and test new solenoids in our facility in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, before shipping them to our customers for application testing. The unit is designed to accept different size and weight plungers as your requirements may dictate. Contact us today about your order.

Produced and Protected by US Patents 4,272,748 4,200,401 & 5,527,117

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Key Features & Specifications

Projected life of 125 million cycles Quiet actuation ideal for office environment
Interfaces with plastic or metal daisy wheel Unique patented construction minimizes bounce to precise limits
Lead wire length variable Simple to install and adjust
Force: .011 to .019 joules at 5 amps typical Stroke: .150" x 250" travel
Insulation Resistance: 1000 megohms Dielectric Strength: 500 VRMS
Coil Resistance: 1.9 ohm + .1 chm @ +20 C Finish: Zinc with black chromate finish
Weight: 1.14 oz. (32g) incl. Plunger. Plunger wt. 14 oz (4.g) Frequency: 40 Hz with .150" stroke