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July 22, 2018

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Training Videos


Video 1 - Concrete Thickness Testing Equipment

The following video of "How to Use the Concrete Thickness Gauges" is a basic tutorial on the use and operation of Olson's CTG-1T model. Please note that the display screen of the CTG-Test Gauge shown in the video is from an earlier model, which is still is use by many of our customers. It has since been upgraded to a much larger screen size, of which you can download the CTG Product Flyer on the Download Page of our website for more detailed information.

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Concrete Thickness Gauge Video

Video 2 - Impact Echo Scanning

The following video of "Impact Echo Scanning" is a basic tutorial on the use and operation of Olson's Impact Echo Scanner. Please note that the IE Scanner is sold exclusively to US Goverment Agencies and Universities, as well as approved international sales. Olson Engineering, Inc., our sister company, provides Impact Echo Scanning on a consulting basis. Call 303.423.1212 for details, or email: