SIR-1 Model [Base Model]
Description: Test For: Applicable On:

Complete system for testing slabs-on-grade, and then create 2-D contour maps by importing the results table into popular spreadsheet programs. These renderings are often a valuable resource for isolating and repairing voids below slabs-on-ground.

This model includes a vertical geophone transducer for flat slabs, and instrumented hammer, cables, and the acquisition/processing software.

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  • Delaminations in decks
  • Soft, weak subgrade support
  • Voids below slabs/tunnel linings
  • Concrete Slabs
  • Pavements
  • Pond or Pool Bottoms
  • Retaining Walls
  • Runways
  • Spillways
  • Tunnel Liners
SIR-2 Model
Description: Test For: Applicable On:

The SIR-2 Model includes the addition of an omni-directional velocity transducer to perform tests on walls and ceilings of concrete beams, inclined spillways and tunnels.

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