Key Features
  • Accurate results in seconds!
  • Olson's RTG software for data acquisition and analysis
  • Learning curve: less than 10 minutes
  • Switch between English and Metric units
  • Quick & Easy Set Up: uses sponge rubber mat instead of metal test frame (per ASTM C215)
  • Full user selection of gains and units
  • Real-time waveform display while testing
  • Receiver: 1 accelerometer, 10 mV/g
  • Automatic file naming feature
  • USB powered RTG device with built-in phone plug and BNC connection
  • Automatic frequency calculation
  • Impact Source: 2 oz. ballpeen hammer
  • Sampling Rate: 45,455 samples/second
  • Accelerometer Flat Frequency Response Measurement Range: 20,000 Hz
  • Number of Samples Acquired Per Test: 1024 samples
  • Nyquist Frequency: 22,727 Hz
  • Frequency Resolution: 44.39 Hz
  • ASTM C215 Minimum Required Frequency: 20,000 Hz
Custom Systems Available - Call for Details!     1 Yr. Warranty Available on All Equipment Purchased