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February 22, 2020

East Coast

NDE users seminar offered at Olson's Rockville MD office

March 10-12 2020

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NDE-DAQ Nondestructive Testing Platform

USA Sales: 303.423.1212           Toll Free 1-888-423-1214           International Sales: Click here for Agents
ndt, nondestructive testing equipment, Olson Instruments, quality assurance, geophysical systems, foundations depth

NDE-DAQ Platform

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Scroll down the page to to see a list of all NDT Add-on Systems available for the NDE-DAQ. Not sure? —click on the other TABS to help you decide which method to choose, and which platforms are available for each method.

Save money! Contact Olson when adding on to an existing system, or purchasing multiple systems as some of the components are common to other test methods.

The NDE-DAQ is a versatile and expandable Nondestructive (NDE) Data Acquisition (DAQ) Platform for Quality Assurance/Quality Control and infractructure condition assessment. Add on NDT Systems as you need them...

The NDE-DAQ is a Data Acquisition Platform designed to connect to any laptop or tablet running Olson’s Windows-based software. This 4-channel multiple-system platform is a compact, lightweight, but robust battery powered system offering mobility and simplicity for use in the field by one person. Collected data can be fully evaluated at the job site or saved for later processing in the office.

The NDE-DAQ accomodates several add-on NDT test/software system options, making it a valuable tool for nondestructive testing and evaluation of civil structures at an attractive price. This platform, paired with the user's Windows Device, offers complete data acquisition and processing capability for six different add-on test methods. There is no need to return the equipment when adding systems.

The NDE-DAQ is field tested and proven through frequent use by our NDT consulting company, Olson Engineering. Optional training for both hardware and software is available. Visit our website often to keep updated on our offerings of new test capabilities and equipment.


Hands-on training is available for all of our NDE test methods at our Wheat Ridge, Colorado (USA) location, which is a suburb located appromately 15 minutes northwest of downtown Denver. Training may be available at your location by one of our agents/engineers upon special arrangement.

For complete details about any of our products, call our toll free number at 1-888-423-1214 or email Olson Instruments:



Materials Tested:

  • Concrete
  • Asphalt
  • Masonry
  • Wood
  • Soil
  • Rock

Test On:

  • Foundations Depth & Integrity Systems
  • Structural, Pavement, Tunnel Systems


All of Olson Instruments have been researched, tested, and used on-site daily by our sister company, Olson Engineering, world reknowned for NDT consulting. The OE Website is loaded with technical info and project photos using the equipment shown on this website.