Key Features & Specifications: Hardware
  • USB powered FTG device with built in phone plug and BNC connection
  • Impact Source: 3 lb. (1.4 kg) non-instrumented hammer with replaceable tips
  • Receiver: 1 accelerometer, 100 mV/g
  • Accelerometer microdot cable
  • Transducer mounting: Grease or dry
  • Test length range: from < 2 ft (0.6m) to > 250 ft (76m), depending on foundation diameter and geometry
Key Features & Specifications: Software
  • Windows 7 - 10 compatible
  • Automatic integration of accelerometer data to velocity
  • Automatic depth calculation from user picks of reflector time/frequency
  • Multiple digital filtering options for data cleaning and display
  • Exponential amplification available (user-selectable)
  • Full user selection of number of waveforms to average
  • Full user selection of gain and units
  • Automatic file naming feature
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